January 19, 2005

Re: It's Snowing!!!

Yay! I finally got to try out my new snow boots. Sure, I didn't get to walk very far in them (through a few parking lots, but hey, they felt comfortable and warm that's all I needed to know). Andrew and I had to go out and brave the weather because we needed supplies and dinner for tonight. We went to California Tortilla because we found out through their e-mail list that they were going to be giving out free 4 oz cups of chili with each purchase of an entree tonight. I can personally recommend that you try the fajita burrito and the queso and chips if you've never eaten there before. The good thing about ordering a burrito is that you can get a card stamped each time you buy one and after your seventh you get one free. We're currently up to five :). Well, I'm going to go eat and enjoy.

-- CrystalShiloh @ 09:06 PM