January 19, 2005

Fireworks Over the Mall

I had no idea that the George W. Bush Self-Congratulatory Committee would be setting off fireworks this evening, but I figured it out after I heard the loud booms, dropped whatever I was doing in the next room, rushed over to the living room picture windows (out of which much of the Mall and monuments can be seen), and I read the words "George W Bush" spelled out in rocket flare. Yay. Four more years of an "unaccountable" Bush. The fireworks were shot off from two distinct points in the district, and for a while, it seemed like they were in synchronization. A couple of them went off rather low and at one point, I saw a plane fly right through. I have to say, I rather enjoyed seeing the sparkly fireworks. I only wished Andrew was here to see them with me. The display lasted what seemed to be a long duration of time and I remember thinking to myself no wonder why Bush needed an outrageous $40 million inauguration budget. And to think, our pompous president will have spent more on his own fanfare than what he felt compelled to contributed to the welfare of the tsunami victims ($35 million). And with all of those men and women fighting his war in Iraq this display seems even more so an egregious action.

-- CrystalShiloh @ 06:54 PM