May 14, 2004

Academic Goals

Apparently one of my professors nominated me for The National Dean's List. I received notification of it today by mail. I wonder who it was. No doubt I left an indelible mark on his or her memory - I'm a very memorable person and of course it is always fun to throw the word "indelible" in there when and where you can.

I've been thinking a lot about my goals lately, mainly the academic ones. Rushing through my education is definitely not one of them. It looks like I will need another two years or so to complete all of my under graduate work. I generally aim to take just twelve credits each semester because I find that to be the most comfortable. Next semester I will be a junior. I'm already registered for classes. I'll be taking Science Fiction (fulfills a three credit non-canonical literature requirement and should prove interesting), Geology I (three credits) and the accompanying lab (one credit), and the last installment of intensive Spanish (six credits.) If I can make it through fall w/my GPA relatively unscathed I will be asked to join Golden Key, another honor society. If that happens, I want to run for one of the officer positions. I've joked a little with the incumbent president of Alpha Lambda Delta (whom I ran against for that office) about running against him a second time. I'm not sure that I want all of that responsibility, though. As always, my studies come first.

-- CrystalShiloh @ 12:37 AM