May 13, 2004


One of my grades posted online yesterday... in fact, the last one I expected to because I only just finished the final for it this past Monday and none of my other grades are up yet. In Reading/Writing About Texts (ENGL 201 - 011) I made an A and I'm not at all surprised. At the end of the final, my professor informed me that I had the highest percentage of anyone in the class and that I could make a C on the exam and still earn an A in the class. I wish she hadn't said that, even though at the time it was a weight off my mind. Not knowing definitively does turn me into a compulsive neurotic, checking and rechecking constantly, but what is much worse than that is I tend to get depressed when there aren't any grades left to worry about. In case you were wondering, my cumulative GPA is now at 3.953. I *should* see it go up some more. Oh, and it turns out that Andrew made an A in his class, too. I'm very proud of him because it was not easy for him in the least. He has completed two classes thus far and he has a perfect 4.0 cumulative GPA to show for it. Way to go Andrew!!

-- CrystalShiloh @ 10:10 AM