August 07, 2003

MLK Inscription

Tuesday night Andrew and I walked over D.C. for the purposes of getting some exercise. We had talked about seeing the inscription that was recently made on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial that commemorates the spot where Martin Luther King was standing while he gave his "I Have a Dream" speech forty years ago. The skies outside were looking lowery, so we clad ourselves in rain gear, I grabbed my digital camera and my mostly water-proof pouch to tote it in, and then we set off. We had just about reached the Arlington side of the Memorial Bridge when the clouds let loose. Andrew popped open my Chococat umbrella and held it in between us and we kept on moving at a brisk pace. The lightning was rapidly approaching and we were audience to an astounding visual display. When we reached the Memorial, there was a throng of people lined along the top step. Many were trying to get good shots of the lightning over Lincoln. I had reservations about ascending the wet marble and then trying to squeeze in past everyone. Despite a rude woman who shoved herself into the same open space I was going for we didn't have any problems. I tried to get my own shot of the lightning (to post here, of course) and I was disappointed to discover that I had left my compact flash cards back at home in the hard case. I found the ranger on duty and asked him to direct us to where the inscription was placed. The spot was unlit and we still were hunting around for it when another young couple came up and asked us where it was. We told them that it was supposed to be somewhere around the area we were looking in and they located it before we did. The words had blended in easily with the wet marble. The following were the five etched lines that we came to see:





AUGUST 28, 1963

Satisfied, we started back. Before we made it very far down the steps, we witnessed a woman fall down a few of them. She wasn't seriously hurt, though I'm sure she was at least bruised. Making our way back home the rain stopped.

-- CrystalShiloh @ 04:07 PM