August 06, 2003

Andrew's Orientation

This is another one of those entries on the run. The time when I wrote this was about 6:20 p.m. I decided after all to join Andrew this evening for his graduate orientation at GMU. I just went along for the cookies, lol. There was quite the spread when we first walked in. Right now we're sitting around waiting for an advisor to call Andrew in. He's looking pretty bored and not very anxious. Every now and then he catches my eye and gives me a little smile. I don't think I can handle any more sugar tonight - cookies be damned! All I want is a nice, healthy salad. Hopefully Andrew will understand that we can make his b-day dessert some other time. I think he's had his fill of sugar, too. Andrew is next up. He has pulled out his Palm Pilot and he is playing with it. I forgot to mention that earlier as being another of his birthday gifts. It's a Zire 71, and unlike mine, it has a built-in digital camera and MP3 player. It is also expandable. Nah, I'm not really jealous because I picked out the lower-end Zire for myself, it suits my purposes just fine. It does tend to suck that I can't backlight this one (like I could with my trusty old M100). Okay, I admit being somewhat jealous that his is COLOR (Tetris just looks dreadfully wrong in black and white). Oh well, I'll live. Alright, you can call us in anytime now folks. There are only three others left in the room with us and it seems one is on his way out. Finally!!

Andrew's application was successfully approved by the advisor we went in to see. He is now a non-degree-seeking grad student currently enrolled in one class (Intro to VHDL) at GMU. I'm very proud of him!

-- CrystalShiloh @ 09:53 PM