Grant Agreement Tum

BAYHOST grants mobility grants for internships and exchanges of students and young researchers from Eastern Europe (. B for example, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary). Your Erasmus scholarship will be declassified at the TUM Global – Alumni Office after receiving a successful application and nomination and submitting the following documents to the TUM Global – Alumni Office: The Erasmus Scholarship will be released after submitting the following documents: Payment of the first tranche Once the grant agreement and travel authorization have been received, you will receive 70% of your personal grant. The PROMOS programme grants scholarships for participation in specialized study and competition trips (group trips) to countries inside and outside Europe. Have you applied for an exchange place in the TUMexchange program? Does your future host university have an agreement with TUM within the framework of the “international” dimension of Erasmus? You can apply for a grant. Before tum can approve a scholarship, the Erasmus coordinator of the university of origin must nominate the candidates selected for the Global – Alumni Office of the TUM. Direct applications are not accepted by the TUM. The PROMOS programme supports students with scholarships for the completion of seminary work and final work at universities, companies and scientific institutes outside the Erasmus zone, up to six months. If your application is successful, you will receive an email confirmation from TUM G-A. This confirmation email contains the grant agreement, a detailed checklist and other required forms. The grant contract contains all the information about the amount of your grant and its terms.

Scholarships for stays abroad, internships or graduate work, as well as semi-annual work in Switzerland. With this scholarship, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) wants to give its students and collaborators the opportunity to carry out academic activities in developing countries (according to the DAC list) and to make new contacts and strengthen existing contacts and projects. So far, financial support for Erasmus stays has only been granted to European universities. The new generation of the Erasmus programme includes an “international dimension” which allows TUM to also attract a number of students interested in studying outside the EU to participating partner universities.

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