Doha Peace Agreement Upsc

The opening of intra-Afghan talks was a key element of the U.S.-Taliban peace agreement signed in February between the U.S. Special Representative for Reconciliation in Afghanistan, Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and the Taliban`s deputy leader. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his political rival Abdullah Abdullah signed a power-sharing agreement two months after they declared themselves the winners of the last presidential election. India has made it clear that India hopes that peace in Afghanistan will not come at the expense of VonAfghanistan`s gains in the post-Valiban era, including democracy, government institutions and the rights of minorities and women. The peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban demonstrates the growing weight of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Pashtuns make up nearly 42% of the Afghan population, and the Taliban are essentially a Pashtun formation. Think also of Pakistan, just like the child who always has something to do. Pakistan`s ethnic fragmentation and interference are a recipe for a perpetual conflict zone in the region. | Editorial The cost of peace: During the intra-Afghanistan talks, Ambassador Khalilzad set out four objectives: to end the violence by declaring a ceasefire; an internal dialogue for lasting peace; Taliban who sever ties with terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda and the withdrawal of U.S. troops. Within a few months, the Taliban had spread it to the last with some relief compared to the third. Instead of an Afghan-controlled, Afghan-controlled reconciliation, it was a U.S.-led, Taliban-controlled process in which no one claimed ownership or responsibility.

Until mid-June, the deadlines for the withdrawal of the United States (followed by a total withdrawal by April 2021) and the withdrawal of the Taliban from the UN Security Council sanctions list until the end of May have been set. The Taliban freed 1,000 members of the Afghan security forces and the Afghan authorities released more than 5,000 Taliban. This process has taken longer than expected, but it is now complete. The two elements that remained open in the agreement between the United States and the Taliban were the declaration of a ceasefire and the intra-Afghan talks. The reality is that the great powers have limited interests.

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