Collaborative Practice Agreement Nurse Practitioner Template

Below are three additional tips to follow when creating and implementing your common practice agreement. For example: “The doctor visits the NP website in one day, every calendar month.” The creation of a nursing practice is an exciting and monumental life event. It is enterprising and puts you at the front of patient care. However, if you practice as an NP in any of the 28 states that do not give full autonomy to NPNs, you must establish a Collaborative Practice Agreement (CPA) with a physician in order to practice to the full extent of your license. A well-structured CPA can make your professional life easier, allowing you to focus on what you can do best: provide exceptional care to your patients. Here`s why and how to create a collaborative agreement so you can get off to a good start. In addition to ensuring that the document itself is in order and meets the needs of both parties, it is important to understand and respect the terms of the agreement. Place your practice to remind yourself and your team of the right CPA protocol and add reminders to your schedule for regular check-ins. If you start your own practice as an NP, chances are you will need to establish a collaborative practice agreement with a doctor. We will go through the procedure and give you some models of CPA to make it easier for you to enter. Once the CPA is developed, Nyhus recommends that both parties review and revise the document together. Before signing, the ideal would be for your own lawyers to have the agreement verified; This can help ensure that you did not miss anything and will give you a chance to have all parts of the document explained to your lawyer that you did not understand.

Everyone involved in the CPA should consider having their own lawyer to avoid any conflict of interest. Set the payment terms for the physician-employee. Most cooperating physicians expect to be paid for their services, with the possible exception of a physician who works in a group practice with NPs. Typically, both parties agree on an hourly rate, but annual fees, graph-verified taxes, and profit percentages are also common agreements. You and the cooperating doctor can arrange the compensation structure as you consensually. Define the term (i.e. length) of the agreement and the circumstances under which it may be modified or terminated. And while your state may not impose this convention by law, you may feel the need to create a contract to formalize your relationship with any doctor you work with. You can do this to outline different responsibilities and continue to protect yourself and your business. Nyhus says that the best resource for the development of cooperation agreements is business practice and Carolyn Buppert`s legal guide.

However, you can also find many downloadable models on the web, including the following examples: Name covered by this agreement. Is it between you, a person and the doctor, or is it larger in the measure (i.e., for example. B for all PNs in a closet)? You should also use this section to list what each profession in your group will perform and where the work will be done.

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