Tree Trimming Agreement Between Neighbors

If you have talked to your neighbour about the problem of trees and they have done nothing to fix it, you have laws that protect you. The tree can be a nuisance by altering your use and enjoyment of your own property. You could file an application for harassment, and if the court finds that the real thing is a nuisance, the court can order the tree remotely. My neighbor unearthed his yard, killing a tree that sits right next to the property`s border. Am I entitled to compensation for the tree? Solving problems with neighbors and trees requires a delicate note. A lawyer can verify the facts and provide information tailored to your specific circumstances and local laws. Before taking action in your hands, you can contact an experienced real estate lawyer near you. The City of Toronto does not regulate the felling of trees on private land. A storm precipitated my neighbor`s limbs onto my property and damaged my house/car/pool/court furniture. Is he responsible for the damage? If the trunk of the tree is fully seated on Phyllis` property, it is up to her to decide what happens to the tree.

And since, in this case, it is not a tree that damages or prevents their property, the neighbour cannot force Phyllis to cut it down. If a tree trunk sits on you and on your neighbor`s property, they are in possession and you are both responsible for the tree. To remove the tree, both owners must consent. These laws may also differ from state to state, so be sure to search for the exact law near you. If leaves, acorns, branches or other debris from a nearby tree fall on your property, you are responsible for cleaning up the debris. Even if the tree trunk is on your neighbor`s property, everything that is responsible for the tree that falls on your property. These objects are not considered damage. If your tree or part of your tree falls on your neighbour`s property and the tree has obvious signs of disease or rot, or if your neighbour has filed a complaint with the city or you about the danger, you may be responsible for any damage. You may be considered negligent because you did not eliminate a known hazard before damage occurred, or because you did not properly control and maintain the trees on your property.

The importance of an arborist is at the heart of the Neighbourhood Conflict Act 2011. It`s always best to check if there are local laws on cutting a neighbor`s trees, but in general, most government and local laws allow you to prune parts of your neighbor`s tree that cross the property boundary in your side without asking your neighbor. You are only allowed to browse to the accommodation line and you must stay on your accommodation. In addition, you can continue to be held responsible if the cut destroys or damages the tree. If your tree or part of your tree falls on your neighbour`s property and the tree has been well maintained, with no signs of disease or rot, the damage caused is your neighbour`s responsibility. Most insurance companies will cover the requirement as long as they consider it an act of God, because this situation could not be foreseen by a reasonable person. “Good fences and trees make good neighbors,” Clinton says. “Communication matters, and friendly communication is there.” If the tree trunk is entirely in your neighbour`s yard, you are the owner. Just as you wouldn`t go to your neighbor`s property to clean one of their other properties, so would your tree. If you have a problem with a structure in a common property line, you need to consider some things: if the tree trunk is divided by the property lines of two or more people, it is called a “border tree.” In the case of a “border tree,” all landowners own the tree and share responsibility for the tree. The removal of the building without the consent of all the owners is illegal.

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