Teamsters 155 Collective Agreement

Teamsters Local Union No. 155 Pension Plan was put in place effective January 1, 2004 to provide old-age pensions to eligible members working in the bargaining unit of the Local Union of Teamsters No. 155. It is funded through collective agreements negotiated between Teamsters Local Union No. 155, as part of the BC COUNCIL of the Film Union and film and television production companies, represented by the Alliance of Motion Picture – TV Producers. Teamsters Local Union No. 155 pension plan is managed by seven EU-appointed directors in accordance with its statutes. Directors will decide, in accordance with existing legislation and collective agreements applicable to the plan, what benefits the plan will receive and under what conditions the benefits will be paid. You designate an investment manager who invests the fund and an actuary who will assess the plan`s liabilities and assets at least once every three years.

The information on this site is an overview of the benefits provided by The Teamsters Local Union No. 155 Pension Plan and is not a contract. This plan covers only the benefits listed above and is subject to the provisions of the draft text and the plan brochure. For more information on the plan, please contact the plan office or the local association number. 155. The plan includes taking into account the current service pension on the basis of which you will ultimately be able to receive benefits under the plan, you must apply to the directors for registration. In the absence of the application, the directors cannot pay you benefits or on your behalf with respect to the contributions the Plan has received on your behalf. Ask the plan office or your Union for registration information.

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