Summer Job Agreement

34.1 The employer guarantees that its representatives affected in this agreement will have the authority to enter into an agreement on its behalf and undertakes to provide Canada with proof that Canada can reasonably require. The agreement to terminate an employment contract infringes the worker`s right to unemployment benefit. As a general rule, the agreement gives rise to a waiting period of 90 days before the unemployment benefit can be granted, provided you are entitled to unemployment benefit. If you are a full-time student, you are not entitled to unemployment benefits. This also applies to e.P. summer vacations during studies. If your education is considered part-time or you are about to graduate, you may be eligible for unemployment benefit and you should avoid entering into a contract to terminate your employment contract. If you are not sure if your studies are considered full-time or part-time studies, you can go to your local office (TE-toimisto in Finnish). First, full members of TEK are insured in the event of unemployment by koko, the Unemployment Fund for highly educated people.

If you are an employee, you can join the KOKO fund, even if you are still a student. Join the fund through TEK by emailing us at at the beginning of your first summer job, for example. By entering the KOKO fund, while you are still a student, you can secure your income and focus on finding a job in peace as soon as you graduate. You begin not to accumulate hours for the pre-employment requirement of the unemployment benefit on the day you join the Fund. Are summer workers also involved in cooperation negotiations (YT-neuvottelut)? Please read the Summer Student Manual for details on behavior, employment and policies during the summer. A fixed-term contract is offered to a staff member on the basis of the subsequent termination of the contract. This termination may be the end of a project or for a person on maternity or sick leave. Temporary workers have the advantage of having the same rights as those on indeterminate contracts. However, there are other factors, such as . B leave rights, which depend on the agreement. (You may also be offered a permanent position after the end of this contract.) So read the contract and see the benefits and rights you have before signing.

Despite the coronavirus, you should look for a summer job as usual. Job interviews are likely to take place as far away as possible. You can send the draft summer employment contract for verification by TEK`s legal services. The conditions under which advances can be granted are described in Section 6 of the Canada Summer Jobs Articles of Agreement. The maximum advance that can be obtained is 75% of the total value of the agreement. This agreement is required for all positions at Middlebury College during the summer term between May 20, 2020 and September 13, 2020. For every position you hold for Middlebury College, an agreement must be submitted. Students who enter into the employment contract up to the date mentioned above can apply on campus based on the dates indicated for the job. The student and tutor will receive an electronic copy of the submitted form.

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