Mahr Prenuptial Agreement

The case in Ohio was due to the marriage of a Muslim couple, the bride living in Ohio and the Irish groom. The bride`s father and groom agreed on the terms of Mahr`s contract just before the wedding. In accordance with the written one-way marriage contract, the groom offered his wife as a dowry a gold bracelet, a ring and a promise of a payment of $US 25,000. Less than two years later, the marriage was over. On the other hand, on June 12, 2006, the court in Attia v. Amin, In New Jersey Ch. Div., would have ruled that the terms of a valid contract were not met, since the amount of payment was unfair and the defendant would have signed the agreement under duress, fearing that the marriage, if it does not, would not be executed and that it would not be expelled. In an interesting further argument, the court relied on the testimony of the man`s expert that a mahr is only valid if the woman is not responsible for more than 50 per cent of the divorce. The judge found that because the woman had made false terrorism charges against the man and even the FBI had appealed against him, she was responsible for more than 51 percent, which invalidated the Mahr. Here, the mundane terms of Dr. Nouris Mahr, Dr.

Dadgar, ask him to pay a certain amount. The application of a spouse`s agreement to make a payment to the other does not violate the guarantees of equal protection. In fact, marriage is pure in Islam and alone, a contract between individuals, it has nothing to do with religion as such, unless the rules of marriage are established in the Quraan. At the conclusion of the marriage, the woman is entitled to the Mahr provided for by the contract, otherwise she can only get half. The concept of marriage as a religious contract, which was sanctified by God, is a Christian concept developed in the early Middle Ages to allow the Church to take more control over wealthy families. If a Muslim person referred to this concept as an Islamic concept, you could accuse them of “bidaïh” or innovation, a concept absolutely forbidden in Islam. The main argument is that under Islamic religious law, a mahr is an obligation that leads from man to woman, and never the other way around.

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