December 07, 2003

SAIC X-Mas Party Highlights

When I found out that each year Andrew's company has a Christmas party I insisted he get tickets for it. He grudgingly complied. We had lots of fun, especially since Roger (a gentleman Andrew works with) and his wife, Barbara were there. The couple attended our engagement party earlier this year and Roger, Andrew and I visited the Hirshhorn over summer break. We has a positively delicious meal followed by cheesecake. Then we used our $300 tickets to play blackjack. Only three people with the highest winnings were eligible for prizes. Sadly, we were not one of them, though we did end up with something like $1500 in chips. We followed that up with some dancing. We must have made complete asses of ourselves, but we had a great time doing it. What do I have to worry about? I don't have to go back to work these people on Monday lmao.

Barbara (Rogers wife) andI.jpg
Roger's Wife and I.

John Andrew Roger.jpg
John (Andrew's boss for the time being), Andrew, and Roger.

Crystal Close-up.jpg

Wee, look at me!


Crystal and Andrew Kiss.jpg

Andrew and I kissing.

Andrew Hottie.jpg
I absolutely adore this picture of Andrew.

Barbara and Roger.jpg
Barbara and Roger.

Roger and Barbara.jpg

Roger and wife Barbara lip-locked.

Crystal and Roger.jpg

Me, unknowingly dancing with Roger.

Dancing Queen.jpg

/me looks around for Roger... Okay, the coast is clear snap the picture!!.

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