August 23, 2005

Christmas in August?

The following images were taken at the annual SAIC Christmas party. Why am I just getting around to posting them now, in August? Well, when I switched over to the Mac I had some difficulty in finding image editing software that was comparable to what I had been using on the PC. By the time Andrew had installed GraphicConverter for me, the holiday season was well over with. A friend suggested that I post them in a "Christmas in July" entry, but because I had put off doing anything with the images for so long by July I had begun to dread it. What compels me now is that if I were to have waited much longer the fall semester would have started up and I'd be posting these sometime during winter break (just in time for the next x-mas party). It's my nature to focus all of my energy on my studies to the detriment of my personal to do list. Now you know why I write so seldom when school is in session. Without further ado, I present Christmas pictures in August.

Crystal Arden B Coat.jpg

Me, in a coat from Arden B...

Crystal Arden B Shawl.jpg

...and this is what the dress looked like underneath it.

Andrew Tie.jpg

Here's what Andrew wore.

Kiss Kiss.jpg

It is becoming a tradition for Andrew and I to take a picture of us kissing every year that we attend the SAIC Christmas party. We make copies and include them in our Christmas cards we send to our friends and family. It takes a few tries to get a shot we want to share. Here's last year's winner.

There are a few more pictures left for me to post of Andrew's co-worker, Roger, and his wife, Barbara. I will *try* to get back to them later this evening. I might not be up to it as I have only had approximately two hours of sleep. We'll see.

-- CrystalShiloh @ 06:18 PM