May 29, 2004

Pictures From Last Weekend

Last Saturday Andrew and I walked over to the new WWII Memorial. We wanted to see it before all the tourists descended on D.C. for Memorial Day. It should be pretty packed for the dedication ceremony scheduled for today.

This is a shot of Rosslyn (a neighborhood in Arlington where I reside) taken from the D.C. side of the Memorial Bridge.

Washington Monument.jpg
The Washington Monument viewed from the north side of the Lincoln.

WWII Monument.jpg
Facing north, inside of the WWII Memorial.

WWII Monument 2.jpg
Facing northeast.

Washington monument 3.jpg
Facing north.

Andrew Bucket Hat.jpg

Crystal Bucket Hat.jpg
A very hot (and not in a sexy way) Crystal.

As you can see from the pictures, quite a few people were splashing around in the water. Andrew and I were not among them. I think that was highly disrespectful on their part. This monument is supposed to serve to represent the selfless souls who sacrificed their lives and there's all these fu©kheads swimming around in the pools. *Sigh*

-- CrystalShiloh @ 11:08 AM