September 11, 2003

School Updates

I forgot to mention what happened with the second paper I handed in to my English 325 professor (on sonnets, see my September 4th entry). I got it back on Monday with another check plus (that's two so far, eight more to go). He wrote a few comments and posed a few questions. I replied and handed it back into him at the end of class. I inquired about it on Wednesday night at the recitation and said he didn't have it ready to give back to me yet. I'm anxious to see what he has to say, if anything.

Just for fun and continuity, I'll share with you what at the bottom of my "Happy Endings" assignment (see my entry from August 26th) my English professor wrote:

"Very good, as you already know - I like how you compare all three stories. I'm not totally sure I agree that she is making fun of people who write plots - or at least you might want to refine or elaborate that statement - all plots? All people who write plots? Why? What's wrong with plots for her?"

My response to that was as follows:

"Atwood is more specifically making fun of people (this word was circled and there was an arrow pointing to some additional information I wrote on the side... who build plots by stringing together Whats while giving little development to How and Why. How and Why are difficult questions to ask, but if you nail them the Whats just come together and are less important: they serve as a backdrop for the How and Why.) who write What plots, not filled out or given dimension by How and Why information. love story plots are a lot of What (they became that way over time). For Atwood, plots like that are too conventional, they are not compelling, they don't leave us asking ourselves (the readers) the right questions. She is more specifically picking on people who write plots by taking the easy route: supplying What because it is what consumers have come to want and expect. Authors have a responsibility to shake things up, make us ask questions, and see things differently. If the goal were not to see things differently, why would we read???"

His comment after reading that:

"Excellent elaboration - you've persuaded me here."

The Listening Assignment I posted here on September 9th was returned to me yesterday in Music 101. I had a check plus on the top along side the word "good." She didn't include any further comments. Good thing too I have this tendency to respond. She explained to the class that if you received a check mark then you got full credit. If you received a check plus that means you did something creative and got a little more than full credit. On Monday we will be having our first test in that class. She asked us to bring a scan tron when we come because the test will involve multiple choice questions and perhaps some true and false statements. She assured us that it isn't going to be very difficult. She is even going to e-mail us a study guide by Friday afternoon. I want to continue to do well in her class so I'm going to get started studying before then.

-- CrystalShiloh @ 05:17 PM