September 08, 2003

Migraine Headache

I had a particularly nasty migraine headache that began at some point during my Music class complete with the blinding lights and coupled further into it with an excruciating pain in the right side of my forehead. I separately prayed to each and every deity I know by name (which is actually quite a few as I went through both the Religions of the Orient and Human Religious Experience classes last semester at GMU) that the headache would subside so I could concentrate fully on the material being presented to me and not feel like death would be a welcomed respite. Unfortunately, prayer didn't work. I struggled to read the names and terms the teacher printed on the board, but all I could see was the flashing lights. Amazingly, I made it through the entire class and I even managed to take notes with not being able to see what I was writing.

On a side note, I got my Music quiz (on Italian terms often found in discussions of dynamics and tempo) handed back to me and I earned a 100% on it. I had turned in my listening assignment a week early (it wasn't due until today), but the professor didn't have that ready for me yet with all of the quizzes she had to grade. What that assignment entailed, since I am pretty sure I haven't gone over it here, was to find four examples of music, in perhaps unexpected places and discuss them: tell where it was that we encountered them, the impact they had on our mood, what instruments we detected being played, what purpose we thought the music in this particular environment might serve, and what genre we think the music fits into. Maybe I will post what I wrote for that assignment when I am all through with this entry - I'll see how I feel about it then. Let's put it this way, it's certainly not what I consider to be some of my most exemplar writing. The professor didn't expect us to give her the information in an essay format, but that was what I was more comfortable with doing so I went with it. She did explicitly say that she would not be grading us on out writing ability. Good thing. I probably did just fine. We'll see. Anyway, back to the scheduled broadcast already in progress.

I only had one more class following Music since it was a Monday and not a Wednesday when I have my late Recitation for English 325. On the way to class I assured myself that I could make it through another hour and a half. I kept thinking to myself after the class began, "Just keep writing whatever you do to keep your mind off of the nausea accompaniment to the migraine." When that wasn't working so well, I told myself that when I could no longer bear it anymore I could get out my seat and leave the classroom to find a bathroom. I knew that if I could only just vomit I'd begin to feel somewhat better. With twenty minutes remaining, I had to excuse myself. I just got up and boogied for the door. I had a little trouble finding a bathroom, but I managed to keep everything contained until the point when I did find one and I was safely inside of a stall. Fortunately, there were no other women in the room with me. I really didn't want to gross anyone out. When I went back to class I was concerned that I might have shown Dr. Ro, my Chinese Philosophy and Religious Traditions professor, undue disrespect. At the end of the class I explained my sudden departure and he put an arm over my shoulders, told me then he understood, and sent me on my way to get some rest. I came home, after a completely bizarre experience with an unusual person aboard the Metro, and I went to bed for a short while. I feel a lot better now, but there is still some lingering pain remaining in my head. I took two Advils with my late supper and hopefully I will be fully recovered before my 9:00 a.m. meeting with the other officers of Alpha Lambda Delta. I've also got another response paper to write for English 325 due on Wednesday that I will need to write at some point tomorrow. I'm going to return to bed after I post the listening assignment I mentioned earlier in this entry.

-- CrystalShiloh @ 11:58 PM