September 02, 2003

Holocaust Memorial Museum

Andrew had jury duty earlier this morning and they ended up not needing him for the full day. Rather than going in to work I managed to tempt him into staying home with me. I reminded him that we needed to renew the tag for the car (it was due last month) and that meant going and getting an emissions test and a state safety inspection. We also needed to have an oil change and a warranty repair on the driver's side window. Unfortunately, it is the start of a new month and so the dealer didn't have enough time for everything we needed to have done. The safety inspection would have to be put off until tomorrow morning when Andrew goes and drops the car off on his way to his PSP class. What was possible to accomplished this afternoon wouldn't be in the time that was reasonable for us to hang around and wait. Everything settled, Andrew and I were dumped at the Metro station and we decided to ride it straight over into D.C. I wanted to go and visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum and Andrew was game for the adventure. To be continued at a time when I am less in need of sleep...

-- CrystalShiloh @ 11:45 PM