August 22, 2003

Preparation For School

I have an appointment to keep this afternoon with my stylist to get my highlights re-touched and maybe a little trim. I'm getting the last few things out of the way and ready before school starts back up this Monday. I already know what I'll be wearing on the first day of class: tight black cargo pants, a black cotton shirt that has a mandarin collar and a red glitter Chinese dragon on the front, and primarily black (there is some red and white detailing) platform sneakers. My back pack is pretty much all packed. I'm not sure what books to bring on the first day, if any at all. I've just decided to only bring my light-pink binder filled with notebook paper until I have more of an idea. I have this office/school supply fetish so I have a wide assortment of pens, pencils, highlighters, and other assorted gadgetry stuffed into the front pocket. I am already predicting that my favorite pen this year will be my special edition platinum-barreled Dr. Grip Gel by Pilot. Do yourself a favor and get one or two if you write a lot. Uniball makes a pen called Fusion and the ink starts out clear and becomes either pink, black, blue, or purple. I have one of each color. Papermate blue and black medium point pens are a good solid standby. I have one of each. I still have a whole mess of those retro lead point pencils, that I used to buy at the school store when I was a kid, left over from last semester. Whenever a lead point goes dull, you pull it out the bottom and stick it through the hole in the top. Those are somewhat annoying because I have to be careful not to lose the tops to the erasers. My yellow mack-daddy highlighter is erasable. I intend to use this one in my textbooks to keep them neat. I have both an orange and a blue RoseArt highlighter leftover from last year that I will likely deplete on my hand-written notes. As far as gadgetry is concerned, I have and a silver mesh bag containing two aqua blue Papermate Liquid Paper Dryline Minis (in case one happens to run out at an inopportune time), a silver mini stapler, a silver staple remover, and a silver pencil sharpener. I have used plenty of Post-it notes in previous semesters, and this time I found a portable holder to keep them from getting bent or cucky. From the outside it appears to be a small book that closes securely when a stretchy band is pulled around it. When you open it up, two sticky pads sit inside of a box-like compartment; one ideally sized for use as either flags or page markers and the other, suited for perfectly ordinary purposes. There's also a little teeny ball-point pen. It might have occurred to you by this point in my description that I'm completely certifiable. You don't even want to know what supplies I'm neglecting to bring along with me to school. I'll likely wind up clearing some of this stuff out of my bag once I figure out what I'll feel most comfortable with using on a daily basis.

I still need to fill up my binder with paper, make out some tabs for it, pick up quarters (for bus fare), and figure out how I am going to tote my lunch around (if there's not enough space for all of my books there's clearly not enough for my Tupperware divided dish). I think I might try washing my cramped, soiled Jansport backpack again, only this time I'd like try it in the machine along with some liquid color-safe bleach. That combination might ruin it, I'm not sure. I would have to keep a close eye on it. No one has, at least not to my knowledge, posted a Zire messenger bag on eBay yet, but I'm keeping an eye out.

-- CrystalShiloh @ 12:14 PM