August 19, 2003

Bomb Squad

This afternoon I walked down to the Marine Corps War Memorial to sit back, read my book, and enjoy the wonderful weather we've been having in Arlington over the last couple of days. I spent about an hour and a half all told there. It seems I not only left in time to avoid the crowds that gather to see the Marine Corps Marching Band (they perform at 7:00 p.m. every Tuesday beginning in summer ending Labor Day) but also the bomb squad. Andrew witnessed some of the excitement on his way home from work and relayed what he had seen to me when he got in. According to him everyone who would have been at the park getting good seats before the show was barricaded out. Andrew changed out of his work clothes and we walked about halfway down the hill we live on to where a lot of people were gathered. We did so in hopes of overhearing the details of what was then transpiring. We learned that a suspicious package had been found and reported to the authorities. We noticed the bomb truck and figured out what was going on. I had to go put the laundry into the dryer and so we walked back up to our building. We heard a boom go off shortly after from inside of our apartment. We went back down to see if anyone was hurt. Measures had been taken to detonate the potential bomb. It's been a while since then and we're back upstairs now. They may still be redirecting traffic and not letting anyone into the park just yet, I can't really tell from this vantage. Andrew said he saw what looked like a news van drive by. I had been wondering if this would make the local news or not. Guess we'll know if it did around 10:00 p.m.

-- CrystalShiloh @ 08:16 PM