August 17, 2003

Re Re: E-mail From a Reader

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Sorry about the day-long delay in my response; I wasn't feeling up to par yesterday. I wouldn't expect that you should feel any even momentary anger toward the man who came on to your fiancÚ. Anger applied to that sort of situation really does nothing to change the man's own natural instinct to react to a pretty girl. And why should it? The species has to be perpetuated somehow.

As far as what you wrote in regard to the IQ Test, I accepted a long time ago that inherently all are flawed. There is not a perfect measure of intelligence in existence. That understanding was lost easily enough when I had to discard my old number and replace it with a newer and much lower one. I gave this matter even more thought last night (which may have been giving it too much at that) and I determined that no matter what some test concludes about your IQ, you are always as smart as you are. Numbers don't adjust actuality, unless you want to open a discussion of self-concept, which I do believe does have an impact limited within the bounds your own personal potential. It is your potential that always remains the same. How well your brain functions can vary based upon how much sleep you've had, what you've ate, and what state your emotions are in, etc.

And no, I haven't found your writings to be didactic. Not that I am the final arbiter on how anyone comes across but myself. I am under the current impression that you give an honest assessment of the way things appear to you. There's nothing wrong with that.

-- CrystalShiloh @ 10:16 AM