August 04, 2003

Re: Weekend Plans

How I imagined the weekend would go isn't exactly the way it turned out. Andrew and I ended up going over to the school campus on Saturday to pick up my school books and we even managed to return with most of them. Nothing has yet been assigned yet for the Introduction to Classical Music class that I'm signed up for. We did, however, pick up the book Andrew's class will be using while we were there. I haven't mentioned it here before, but he's beginning his Master's in the fall. I can never remember the name of his degree program, never mind what the individual class he signed up for is called. I'll have to ask him again and write it down this time. Anyway, we did all that along with locating buildings and their room numbers as well as some further school-related shopping for clothing and supplies. I don't have the energy to describe each individual item. So just forget it. Speaking of which, my friend forgot that she was to come over for dinner and a movie on Sunday so we had to reschedule for the following weekend. Some work was accomplished on Chemical Butterfly (I thank and love you, Andrew), but I never did crack Good Omens back open again. Instead, I opted to begin reading Intellectual Foundations of China by Frederick W. Mote, a professor at Princeton University. This book is assigned to my Chinese Philosophy and Religious Traditions class by Dr. Ro. I'm getting that jump on my school reading after all by neglecting completing my summer reading (5 more). I'll say it again because it is worth repeating: I'm such a nerd :).

-- CrystalShiloh @ 01:49 PM