July 31, 2003


We rented two movies last night on our way home from grocery shopping, Daredevil and Solaris. We only had time enough to watch the first of those with our evening meal. Daredevil turned out to be what we were expecting. I thought the opening credits in braille were a bit excessive; Andrew disagreed with me. He felt that it added something to the overall effect of the film, and further, that they were simply a neat concept. Anyway, onto the plot.

The main character of the story is named Matthew Murdock. In the beginning of the film we are introduced to him as a young boy and we learn that his father is a prize-fighter. He does not want his son becoming a fighter like he did to get by. He would rather see him be a doctor or a lawyer and otherwise have a positive impact on society. It is because of how his dad feels that Matthew refuses to let the neighborhood bullies antagonize him to violence. One day little Matthew makes the startling discovery that his daddy is just a thug. Matthew runs off at the sight of his father roughing some guy up and he wound up being in the wrong place at just the wrong time. A forklift cuts open a canister containing hazardous chemicals and they spray out into the child's eyes, permanently blinding him. He awakes in the hospital to find that his other four senses were now compensating for the one he had lost. The father and son make a pact to always and only fight for the underdogs of society. Someone tries to coerce dad to take a spill his next time in the ring but he resists doing so. He may have won the fight, but he ultimately lost his life. Matthew also keeps up his end of the agreement. He grows up to become a lawyer by day and superhero who exacts justice by night, in a neighborhood known as Hell's Kitchen. A fiery beauty wins Matthew's affection when she refuses to reveal her name and proves that she can kick some ass. We later learn that she is named Elektra Natchios and is the daughter of a very wealthy man. Her mother had been murdered by the men her father works for and now she fears for his safety. Enter the bad guys the King Pin and Bullseye.

Overall I thought the choreography in the film was pretty good. More money could have been put toward the animation as it was pretty painful stuff to watch. To reiterate what I said earlier, this movie met our expectations of how a superhero movie, largely based on action sequences, should be. I look forward to watching Solaris this evening, even if Andrew doesn't, and getting a review of the movie written and uploaded sometime tomorrow.

-- CrystalShiloh @ 04:37 PM