July 21, 2003

United States Botanic Garden

US Botanic Gardens Front.jpg

This is where our wandering led us yesterday, the United States Botanic Garden.

Greenhouse Exterior.jpg

This is the greenhouse as viewed from the side.

Corpse Flower.jpg

We went with the hope of partaking in the rare sight of the corpse flower in bloom. As you can see, it wasn't ready yet.


However, we did get to see lots of pretty orchids.

Orchids and More Orchids.jpg

And even more orchids.

Crystal Posed With Orchids.jpg

Me posing with the orchids.

Andrew Posed With Orchids.jpg

Andrew posing with the orchids.

Purple Cluster.jpg

Pretty purple flowers.

More Purple.jpg

More purple, different flowers.

Outside Botanic Gardens.jpg

Flowers out in front of the building.

Crystal Foot Up.jpg

Gratuitous shot of me resting and taking in the sunshine.

Crystal Blinks.jpg

I told you not to blink!

Andrew Relaxing.jpg

Andrew Recovering from all the walking.

Capitol From Botanic Gardens.jpg

The Capitol building as viewed from the front of the U.S. Botanic Gardens.

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