July 17, 2003

A Question and An Answer

When I'm at home alone in my apartment and not reading a book, I like to listen to the television while I do other things. Today the Caroline Rhea Show was on and I happened to overhear her pulling out a sample question from a game called Lovers and Liars. It asked whether or not you could ever love someone less intelligent than yourself. I tossed this around in my head for a minute or so and then decided I would have to answer that with a resounding no. I better explain. hmmm... how am I going to do that? Well, first I turn off the television so I can fully concentrate.

Ok, moving on. The reasons I would not be capable of loving someone less intelligent than me is because I expect that I should be able to learn from the person I love. And I also expect that I should be able to teach him a few things as well. A relationship should be a symbiotic sort of thing: an even balance of give and take. I have found that a relationship works best when the two people share similar levels of intellect, but maintain and prefer different realms of experience and expertise that tend to overlap in some significant places. Looking at the relationship I have with Andrew, this is what we have going for us.

If ever I have a factual sort of question I just haven't yet encountered the answer to or the very question itself, prior to that occasion it just hadn't arisen, nine times out of ten I can put it to Andrew and get a satisfying answer out of him. It works vice versa. We almost never have to look anything up. We're very good at playing Jeopardy! as a team. What makes this a full circle is that our knowledge overlaps in enough areas. A pleasant byproduct of that is we often find ourselves immersed in compelling discussions where we both act as contributors.

-- CrystalShiloh @ 03:14 PM